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J&B Met - Dunhill Activation

We took on the challenge to help showcase and market the Dunhill brand, using the Met as a medium. Dunhill were tasked with selling 2000 packs of cigarettes throughout the course of the day at this established and trendy event. To achieve this, they needed to create a space that embodied their brand. This space became a place to be and be seen at the event.

The Challenge

To help Dunhill showcase and market their brand at The Met – designing an experiential space to draw the crowds, and their loyal client base.

The Solution

We conceptualised a space to bring Dunhill’s brand essence to life and delight all visitors, capturing the attention of both existing and potential new consumers.

We BLENDed the product’s flavour profiles into specially-infused cocktails and jellies – an experiential marketing component giving consumers a deeper look into the product. Activators also moved through the crowd on the day, garnished with the Dunhill product and additional intriguing value adds for the consumers.

  • 2KDunhill packs sold
  • 3.5KJellies served and eaten
  • 5KConsumers entered the space

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